Thinking back on 2016, it was very evident that the top fashion trend of the year was glitter. Glitter everywhere.

You did not have to look further than the runways of Burberry, GiambattistaValli and Opening Ceremony for proof of its dominance. To nail the coffin shut, the legend of makeup herself, Pat McGrath realeased her Lust 004 Kits to endorse this trend. It was designed to take your lips to new heights of attractive by adding layers of glitter.

It is exciting to think about the trends of 2017.According to evidence from Pinterest, beauty blogs and the spring/summer 2017 runways, there is much to desire.

Act fast and try out these trends until 2017 has something new to offerbecause these beauty trends are just amazing.

Glossy Eye Lids

They have been around for a long time, but 2017 adds a new twist. Usually, transparent lip gloss helpsattain the look,however the need for a homemade product will soon vanish. This spring Bobbi Brown will be releasing an eye gloss and that translates to quicker and cleaner glossy eye lids.

Easy On The Make-up

Literally No Makeup is the it thing after 2016’s No Makeup make-up. Accepting yourself and your natural outlook is in. The runways of Isabel Marant SS17 featured clean, radiant skin, and only enough makeup to cover up any red marks and blemishes. You would be surprised at how appealing it could look.

80’s Vibe

The 80’s may have represented a recession in fashion and beauty.But it is creeping back into out fashion runways and the beauty industry.

The idea of bright, colourful eye-lids and pink blush à la Jem and the Hologramshas somehow stuck with make-up artists. Hey, try it and then you can judge.

Parted Hair Do

A super deep side part is the easiest way to make your look stand out. Be it a ponytail or your hair down, the deep side part will work easily either way.

The best part of this look is it’s easy to achieve, someone who cannot style well can easily learn this technique.

Chromed Out Nails

Chrome nails managed to hold a place in 2016, But 2017 seems to be its year.

According to Pinterest, futuristic chrome nails are all set to takeover. The catch? You won’t manage to do a good finish by yourself. Only a professional will be able to give you that metallic touch to your nails.

Blonde & Silver Ombre

Thank you Pinterest, for telling us that chrome nails are not alone set to take 2017 by storm — ash blond and silver ombre was one of the most pinned beauty looks for 2017.

If colouring your hair a metallic hue worries you thenyou can easily change it to be extra subtle.

Braids With A Twist

The public does not want to let go of the top knot trend, so 2017 decided to give it a twist. Say hello to the “braided top knot”.

It will require extra hair coiffing time in the morning, but that will all seem meaningless when you get the result.



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